September All Out Day

Yesterday, September 21, 2017 was our monthly All-Out Day!

If you’re not familiar with P. J. Keating’s All-Out Day, let us introduce you to this great event we hold every month.

It’s everyone’s favorite day of the month here at P. J. Keating and for good reason! It’s very important to us that staff in the office stay connected and updated with our workers and crews throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. All-Out Day provides a great opportunity for our employees to get out of the office, into the field and see the process and progress of our crew’s work. It’s a fantastic way to develop good communication and relationships between all P. J. Keating employees as well as help bridge the gap between what’s going on in the office and how it relates to what our crews are doing out on the roads. In turn, it gives crews a good look into what goes on in the office and a chance to meet and speak one on one with Safety and Operations Managers, or even the President!

It’s also a great time for us to recognize our Safety Winners of the month with their awards and congratulate them for the great work they’re doing! We’ll bring you details on the winners and their photos in the next post.

This September we have a great bunch of photos to share with you from our All-Out Day teams visiting crews all across Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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