2019 MSHA Training

The snow is finally melting and paving season is right around the corner, so it’s time for our annual MSHA refresher training before work kicks off! We held our 2019 MSHA Training on February 27, 2019 and the day was full of great tips, tricks and knowledge that can be brought back to the job and implemented.


We broke out to training rooms to get some detailed safety tips. Eric our Mining Engineer gave us a run down on proper Mounting & Dismounting technique from trucks and equipment, and Kendra and Kaleigh from our Safety Department recapped our Hazardous Material containment policies. Our electricians Mike and Kevin walked us through electric safety and the invisible dangers of electricity, Liberty Mutual Certified Industrial Hygienist Vic informed us about the hazards silt and silica play in our health and lung safety, and we took a quick stretch break to stay limber with our Fit For Work partners Ken and Kyra.


We solemnly recapped the 2019 industry fatalities, Peter our Field Safety Lead brushed us up on confined spaces precautions, Michael our Cranston Site Manager gave us some great Hot Work tips, Cody our Lunenburg Site Manager drove home the importance of good housekeeping for safety and we were joined by Pat O’Neil from Impact Fire to give us a refresher on Fire Extinguisher usage.


We ended the day by reviewing the upcoming site changes to all our Plants and what safety issues and hazards they may pose.

Thanks to all who joined us for our 2019 MSHA training, we look forward to starting the season off on a safe foot!

2019 CORE Award Dinner

Over the weekend we celebrated all of our CORE award winners for the year of 2017. We made sure to include their families in the festivities too so they can see their loved ones recognized!

We have a saying here at P.J. Keating, that we like to “Make Safety our Family Business.” When we leave for work in the morning, our families expect us home safe and sound in the evening. Putting safety first means that everyone gets to go home at the end of the day.

Because our families are so important to us, we invited them to our CORE Award Dinner last Saturday so they could join us in celebrating and honoring their family members who put safety first.

CORE stands for Commitment to Operations Reflecting Excellence in Safety, and it’s an award to recognize teams who go above and beyond in regards to safety. We heard about a lot of successful and safe projects with 0 incidents and we hope to have even more next year!

Our 2018 CORE Award winners who were recognized over the weekend are…

For the Acushnet Stripping Project, January 15 2018 – March 8th, 2018 : Joe Ryan, Doug Fredette, Jim Imlach, Gilly Mello, Barry Costa, Dale DaCosta, John Viega, Pete Szala


For the Acushnet Hydroset Cylinder Replacement Project in : Justin Vieira, Ken Viera


For the Lunenburg Asphalt Drum Installation in : Eric Morin, Brian Contois, Gary Savoie, Jay Valliere, Mike Reynolds, Dan Richard


For the Acushnet Rubber Plant Set-up and Start-up in : Bruce Miranda, Claudio Moco, Shawn Fournier, Mike Reynolds, Kevin Bailey, Mike Bulcamino, Jonathan Souza, Bryant Ribeiro, Kyle Waite, Mike Letourneau.


For the Lunenburg QC Sample Rack Improvements : Kaitlyn LeBlanc, Gary Savoie, Dan Zeppenfeld.

For the Emergency Rt 84 Bridge Deck Repairs: Brandon Rudik, Don Magoon and Gianni Diaz.


For his Implementation of a “Golden Lute, Golden Shovel Award”: Andrew Clark


For Safety Excellence and his dedication to Driver Training”: Dan Jockell


For the Lunenburg Shop 5S’s”: Damon Brown, Craig Thibault, Evan Arraial, John Silva, Ken Hart

and a special Safety Excellence award was awarded to Patricia Ferreira for always being a fantastic point person for safety, and looking out for all she interacts with!



Congratulations to all, we hope 2019 will be just as safe and successful!

Habitat for Humanity Donation Drive 2018

Every quarter here at PJK, we take the time to choose a charitable recipient to support for our quarterly donation drive. This month, Habitat for Humanity North Central Massachusetts was that recipient! We’ve worked with Habitat for Humanity before and love the multi-faceted experience of working on their job sites. It’s not only a fantastic cause to support, but also allows us to work together as a team to give back to our local community and those who need it most.

We had so much interest from PJK Employees we had to split up our teams into two separate job sites! One team worked on building a ramp for a handicapped family in Fitchburg, MA while the other worked to help renovate a fire-damaged duplex in Acton, MA. We had a great time on both builds and might have walked away sweaty and sore, but feeling good and happy to help.

Habitat8.2.2018 7

Habitat8.2.2018 4

Habitat8.2.2018 8

Habitat8.2.2018 5

Habitat7.19.2018 3

Habitat7.19.2018 4

Habitat7.19.2018 6

12th Annual Skyview Middle School Tour

Last week was our 12th annual Field Trip for Skyview Middle School students and we had a great time hosting them! By Thursday over 300 sixth graders from our local middle school have traveled through the P.J. Quarry and Plant here in Lunenburg to learn all about our Aggregates and Asphalt production. Can you believe we’ve been hosting bus tours for Skyview students for 12 years?

A big thank you to Dave, Kendra, Cody and our Interns Camden, Grace, Anna and Kaleigh for being great tour guides, and the students and teachers from Skyview for asking so many questions! Students learned about what types of rocks are in our Lunenburg Quarry, all the different measurements of stone we carry and waved to the truckers getting loaded with Asphalt.

It’s a highlight of the year for PJK, we’re looking forward to continuing the tradition!

Here we see Environmental, Health & Safety Manager Kendra and Quarry Manager Cody explain to students how high each bench of the Quarry is. (It’s 50 feet – if you were curious too!)

Dave Normandin had all eyes on him when he told the students we were blasting that day. We promise we’ll wait until the bus leaves the quarry!

Students were enthralled by our stone piles, giant trucks and crusher!



June All Out Day

June 6th, 2018 was our monthly All-Out Day and it was a great (and warm!) opportunity to get out of the office and get involved with the various operations we have going on all over the state. Here are some photos of our staff visiting Gilbert’s crew in Burlington, MA.

Gilbert's Crew in Bulington 6.6.2018

Gilbert's Crew in Burlington 6.6.2018 2

We stopped by Dan’s crew in Groton and brought cookies to George’s crew in Stow, then said hello to the hard working ladies from our Acushnet office and stopped by Franklin to see the great grading work happening there today!



Acushnet 6.6.2018


It was a busy day in the P.J. Keating world and great to catch up with our crews and hard working employees! #PJKAllOutDay

3 Million Hours!

You may have heard it many times by now, but we truly put Safety first here at P.J. Keating! To congratulate our efforts and dedication to safety, we have recently received two awards recognizing our Safety efforts across all our various lines of businesses and plants. P.J. Keating has hit 3 MILLION hours of work without a Lost Time Incident, and we couldn’t be prouder!

We have received an award and a commendation letter signed by Randy Lake, John Keating, John Parson, and Lee Cole, stating “This type of achievement doesn’t happen by accident and requires intense focus and commitment by the entire organization. The example you set is a great encouragement to all of us and one we’re pleased to share – you’ve proven that it’s possible to create an environment that is free from significant injury. Every one of us on the Oldcastle Materials team has made a personal pledge to accept our role in building our safety culture – “When I SEE something I will STOP and Do something”. Thanks for exemplifying that commitment and challenging us to get better.”

We also received an Outstanding Safety Performance award from Liberty Mutual recognizing P.J. Keating as completing 2017 without a Lost Time incident!

Congratulations and thank you to all of our staff who put Safety first here at P.J. Keating to make these achievements possible! We look forward to completing 2018 in the same fashion. 🙂

Liberty Mutual Award

P. J. Keating 2018 Kick Off!

It was an exciting week here at PJK last week!

On Tuesday, February 27th we held our annual Operations Kick-Off with a follow up day of MSHA training on Wednesday, February 28th. Both days were a great success! We gathered together to celebrate the start of the season and hear about P. J. Keating’s plans for 2018.

Our President Jonathan gave us a review of PJK’s 2017 and how we’re looking to improve in the coming year, as well as our Safety Goals for 2018 because safety is just as important as production!

Kelly, our HR manager gave us a rundown of the harassment and employment policies at P. J. Keating to make sure that we maintain the best work environment possible for our employees.


Our Environmental Health and Safety Manager Kendra then walked us through the new PJK Safety Manual. The Environmental Health and Safety team have been hard at work rewriting them. New words, but our #1 goal is always the same!



At MSHA training on Wednesday we heard from various Safety and Quarry Personnel regarding best practices to keep everyone at P. J. Keating safe, and reviewing MSHA policies and how they relate to our quarries and job sites specifically.

Ken and Kyra from Fit4Work gave us some stretching and exercise tips to keep everyone limber, and Billy Simas walked us all through CPR and Defibrillator training in case of emergencies.


The PJK Operations Kick off was a great success! We look forward to the Construction / Asphalt Kick off meeting on March 20th. Please keep a look out for you invitations in the mail.

2018 CORE Award Dinner

Over the weekend we celebrated all of our CORE award winners for the year of 2017. We made sure to include their families in the festivities too so they can see their loved ones recognized!

Our CORE Award is a safety award which is handed out to recognize employees for their commitment to our safety culture. CORE is an acronym that stands for Commitment to Operations Reflecting Excellence in Safety, and our award is made from actual asphalt and stone core that PJK QC takes for testing! It’s focused on recognizing teams or projects that have worked together to prioritize safety in their spaces.

We’re so thankful to have had a great and safe year, and so proud to have so many employees who echo our commitment to safety!

Our 2017 CORE Award winners who were recognized over the weekend are…

For the Acushnet Wash Screw Replacement in February: Ken Moniz, Mario DaCosta, Bryant Ribeiro, Mike Lopes and John Dugan.

For the QC Lab Improvements in March: John DeNapoli, Nick Persson, Jason Osterfield, Ryan Worsman.

For the Road Washout Repair in April: George Cormier and Ed Venkauskas.

For the Route 18 New Bedford MassDOT Job in May: Dave Anderson, Carlos Rebello, Dan Burns, Tony Amarelo, Chad Rebello, Alyssa Santos, Roberto Salemme, Luis domonte, Richard Pavao, Derek Dias.

For the 495 Mansfield Staging/Parking Plan in June: Von Chan, Emanuel Arraial, Mark Fortes, William Jandrue, Christine Rose, Luis Domonte, Chad Rebello, Roberto Salemme, Evan Arraial, Derek Dias.

For the Weston Tolls in July & August: Fernando Estrela and Ed Peterson.

For the QC Operational Improvements in September & October: Lenny Catojo, Jason Osterfield, Dan Zeppenfield, Matt Robertson, Aaron Couto, Justin Drewniak, Claudio Moco, Mike Letourneau and Brian Fitzgerald.


Congratulations to all, we hope 2018 will be just as safe and successful!

December All-Out Day

Our last All-Out Day for the year!

Last week some of our P. J. Keating employees braved the cold to go out and visit our crews for the last time in 2017. It’s a great time to wrap up the year of work, wish everyone a  Happy Holidays and a safe Winter.

PJK Employees were really all over the state for this last All-Out Day of 2017! They made stops to our plants in Lunenburg, Acushnet and Dracut, as well as dropped by to see Marco’s, Carlos’ and Angelo’s crews in Franklin and Westport, Fernando and his Crew on RT 3 and the Ocean Spray Job in Middleboro.



Paving The Way For Santa’s Sleigh!

P. J. Keating is Paving the way for Santa’s Sleigh!

Last Friday, P. J. Keating donated a  decorated tree to the Lancaster Festival of Trees. Thank you to CNwood, Woodco, and Schmidt Equipment for your generous donations that contributed to making this happen. If you’re interested in visiting, find more information about the Festival of Trees here:.http://www.telegram.com/…/lancasters-4-h-tree-festival-open…

Happy Holidays from PJK!

IMG_6395 IMG_6393

Habitat for Humanity!

For our third quarter donation drive, we teamed up with the Habitat for Humanity MetroWest/Greater Worcester team again to donate our efforts and a driveway!

On Thursday November 9th, employees from the P. J. Keating Lunenburg and Acushnet Offices got together in the chilly weather to work on two Habitat houses in Holliston, MA. They helped install vent work in the attic, prep the skirt for the shed, worked on the front porch and other various tasks to get the two houses closer to their move-in dates!

But we weren’t done just yet! Our paving crews were back the next week to donate a wonderful driveway to Mona and her family who will soon be the owners of the new Habitat home! We’re more than happy to donate our services and efforts to helping out our local community, and we’re very proud of all our teams and crews who came out to help.

See some photos of our teams in action below or on our Facebook.

IMG_0459 23472263_1754205447954910_8416425325408613486_n IMG_0431 IMG_0450 23435146_1754205081288280_1014161279672070417_n




Rescue Team Prepares Emergency Response Drill for Acushnet Plant

We are pleased to welcome the Bristol County Technical Rescue Team (BCTRT) to the Acushnet plant, as they prepare an overall emergency response plan.

Funded by Homeland Security, the BCTRT includes local firefighters and other first response professionals who train for advanced life-saving rescue skills on-call across the region. The rescue team recently toured the Acushnet plant with site manager, Jeff Olejniczak and safety lead, Lauri Conner.

The rescue team has planned an emergency response drill at the screen tower in order to prepare for a fall from heights scenario. The date of the drill has been postponed due to the recent thunderstorms, and will be re-scheduled weather permitting. Plans to work with regional rescue teams in the Lunenburg, Cranston, and Dracut areas are to be announced.




ACU screen tower