NAPA Quality in Construction Awards

NAPA Awards
Quality in Construction
P.J. Keating Co., an Oldcastle Materials Co. of Lunenburg, Mass.

Congratulation to Peter Pavao (Project Manager) and Frankie DosSantos (Foreman) for their work on I-195 in Fall River. The project included micro-milling and paving of the mainline road, four bridges, ramps, and a 600-foot-long tunnel under City Hall with porous pavement and RAP mixes. Traffic control and careful scheduling was essential in this busy traffic area.

2014 Route 195

Congratulations to Peter Cassanelli (Superintendent), George Cormier (Foreman), Frankie DosSantos (Foreman), and Gilbert Medeiros (Foreman) for their work on the milling, overlay, and widening of Route 140 and Route 12. The company made several suggestions for improving the proposed project scope, including the use of WMA and construction of a berm during mainline paving.

2014 Route 140

Congratulations to Rick Pavao (Project Manager) and Marco DoMonte (Foreman) for their work on the resurfacing of the parking lot for the Target Store in Taunton. Working closely with the milling subcontractor, the company developed a pattern of planing, paving, and striping that allowed them to open each area within 24 hours.

2014 Target Taunton

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