People – Our Most Valuable Asset

At P.J. Keating Company, our most valuable asset is our people. Numbering in excess of 300 employees during the construction season, we are a highly experienced and a uniquely trained and talented workforce, dedicated to the performance of our work to the highest standards of our specialized industry.

At our quarry and production facilities, we are the drillers and blasters, the loader operators and truck drivers, the plant operators and laborers, the mechanics and electricians, and the dispatch and scale personnel all focused on the making and moving of our products. The coordination of these operations is provided by our site managers, while quality assurance is verified by the certified technicians of our Quality Management department. Additionally, our colleagues in the Environmental, Health and Safety group continually strive for the safest and healthiest workplace for all of our employees, neighbors and customers.

At our job sites we are the skilled labor force of equipment operators, asphalt and construction laborers, performing specialized work guided by the direction of our crew foremen, coordinating with our paving and construction superintendents and project managers.

At our offices we are the receptionists taking the calls, we are the administrators paying the bills, processing payroll and invoicing our products and services. We are accounting and finance people overseeing the Company’s other assets. We are the sales estimators bidding and procuring work, and we are the managers carrying out the daily operations of our company.