June All Out Day

June 6th, 2018 was our monthly All-Out Day and it was a great (and warm!) opportunity to get out of the office and get involved with the various operations we have going on all over the state. Here are some photos of our staff visiting Gilbert’s crew in Burlington, MA.

Gilbert's Crew in Bulington 6.6.2018

Gilbert's Crew in Burlington 6.6.2018 2

We stopped by Dan’s crew in Groton and brought cookies to George’s crew in Stow, then said hello to the hard working ladies from our Acushnet office and stopped by Franklin to see the great grading work happening there today!



Acushnet 6.6.2018


It was a busy day in the P.J. Keating world and great to catch up with our crews and hard working employees! #PJKAllOutDay

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