July Safety Awards

July’s Safety Awards are in!

Our first safety winners are from Acushnet Asphalt; Bruce Miranda, Claudio Moco, Mike Letourneau and Mike Bulcamino. When an exhaust fan developed a crack during production and needed immediate repairs, the Acushnet Asphalt team took action. The plant was shutdown and the team worked together to develop a JSA and plan the repair procedure. They also took steps to ensure the external maintenance workers that needed to be called in were up-to-date on their JSA and included in their Lock-Out/Tag-Out procedure. Congratulations to the Acushnet Asphalt team for efficiently repairing the safety hazard and making sure all safety steps were taken in their procedures!

Acushnet Asphalt Safety

Our CORE award for July is awarded to Von Chan and his crew made up of Emanuel Arraial, Mark Fortes, William Jandrue, Christine Rose, Luis Domonte, Chad Rebello, Roberto Salemme, Evan Arraial and Derek Dias for their work on the 495 Mansfield project!


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