Internship Program

An Internship with P. J. Keating

The P. J. Keating internship is a robust experiential learning program and generally begins in May and runs through mid-August. Entry to the program is competitive and is designed for college students majoring in fields of study related to or can be readily applied to the construction building materials industry. Key objectives for our internship approach involve: • Developing solid foundational learning in our industry and business • For those interns who demonstrate leadership potential, offer a full-time position ahead of graduation from their respective universities • Continually building our talent pipeline P. J. Keating’s approach to internship is to provide meaningful, experiential based learning in the context of rotational assignments across the organization. Many of our former interns are now enjoying successful careers working for the P. J. Keating family!

Expect an Accelerated Experience

As a P. J. Keating intern, you will be working for and learning from an industry leader. Our people are what make P. J. Keating a great company! We provide our interns with an in-depth exposure to a variety of departments — from safety, quality control, aggregate mine planning, construction project management, asphalt operations and beyond — designed to help students go beyond the theoretical and apply concepts learned in the classroom.

We Are Looking for Leaders

This program brings talented students into our organization and provides them the opportunity to attain a solid understanding about the company in a short time frame. Our ideal candidates are self-starters, proactive, hardworking and eager to learn. Ideal candidates should be enrolled in an accredited academic degree program and have a 3.0 GPA or better. Preference is given to students majoring in fields relevant to our industry.

We Take Time to Celebrate Successes!

We provide an orientation and evaluation process as well as continual check-ins throughout your internship. Many interns have told us that the check-ins are invaluable as this allows them the opportunity mid-summer to request exposures to areas outside of their rotations. We love to say yes wherever possible and we go out of our way to make these requests happen! At the end of the summer, we host a celebration luncheon for our interns as well as provide an opportunity to give a brief presentation to senior leadership about what you worked on during your internship. Sound exciting? Please apply on our website and take advantage of this great opportunity!


My internship at PJ Keating provided me with experience that a classroom setting can’t teach. To step into a company environment is incredibly useful. My work done here has been perfect for my own growth, and my hopes are that the work I provided will benefit PJ Keating as much as it benefitted me. I would highly recommend any student of any major to seek out an internship with PJ Keating, as it is very rewarding in many ways.

– Camden Kulczyk, Construction Intern 2018


My summer as an intern at P.J. Keating was extremely rewarding. I learned a great deal about the aggregate industry, spent time observing paving crews, and got a feel for how a large business is run. The haul truck cycle time project that I worked on was also really valuable, since it allowed my fellow interns and me to have ownership over a project that would be very useful to the company. The lessons this internship has taught me will be beneficial in whatever career I choose.

– Kaleigh Iler, EHS Intern 2018