Habitat for Humanity Donation Drive 2018

Every quarter here at PJK, we take the time to choose a charitable recipient to support for our quarterly donation drive. This month, Habitat for Humanity North Central Massachusetts was that recipient! We’ve worked with Habitat for Humanity before and love the multi-faceted experience of working on their job sites. It’s not only a fantastic cause to support, but also allows us to work together as a team to give back to our local community and those who need it most.

We had so much interest from PJK Employees we had to split up our teams into two separate job sites! One team worked on building a ramp for a handicapped family in Fitchburg, MA while the other worked to help renovate a fire-damaged duplex in Acton, MA. We had a great time on both builds and might have walked away sweaty and sore, but feeling good and happy to help.

Habitat8.2.2018 7

Habitat8.2.2018 4

Habitat8.2.2018 8

Habitat8.2.2018 5

Habitat7.19.2018 3

Habitat7.19.2018 4

Habitat7.19.2018 6

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