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June All Out Day

June 6th, 2018 was our monthly All-Out Day and it was a great (and warm!) opportunity to get out of the office and get involved with the various operations we have going on all over the state. Here are some photos of our staff visiting Gilbert’s crew in Burlington, MA.

Gilbert's Crew in Bulington 6.6.2018

Gilbert's Crew in Burlington 6.6.2018 2

We stopped by Dan’s crew in Groton and brought cookies to George’s crew in Stow, then said hello to the hard working ladies from our Acushnet office and stopped by Franklin to see the great grading work happening there today!



Acushnet 6.6.2018


It was a busy day in the P.J. Keating world and great to catch up with our crews and hard working employees! #PJKAllOutDay

December All-Out Day

Our last All-Out Day for the year!

Last week some of our P. J. Keating employees braved the cold to go out and visit our crews for the last time in 2017. It’s a great time to wrap up the year of work, wish everyone a  Happy Holidays and a safe Winter.

PJK Employees were really all over the state for this last All-Out Day of 2017! They made stops to our plants in Lunenburg, Acushnet and Dracut, as well as dropped by to see Marco’s, Carlos’ and Angelo’s crews in Franklin and Westport, Fernando and his Crew on RT 3 and the Ocean Spray Job in Middleboro.



September Safety Awards

Welcome to our Safety Award roundup for the month of September! Our crews were hard at work keeping P. J. Keating employees, crews and sites safe so we have many people to thank!

First we have Mandy Denio, our staff accountant, who was recognized with a Safety Award for her quick thinking in the Lunenburg office by reorganizing a large delivery all by herself which had posed a trip/fall hazard in our entrance way!
Mandy Safety Award 9.21.2017

Dave DelGenio was awarded a Safety Award this month for his safe and effective Route 38 Water Pipe repair outside of our Dracut plant! He coordinated with Dracut DPW and had the repair finished with zero incidents.
Dave DelGenio Safety Award 9.21.2017

Dave Dracut RT 38

Next up is Brian Quin and Eric Ward, who were both recognized with a Safety Award for their emergency repair on a safety belt at the Lunenburg Stone Plant. Emergency repairs on safety equipment is crucial for keeping the rest of the crews safe now and in the future, so we’re very thankful for their work and especially that they completed it with zero incidents!
Eric Ward 9.21.2017

Brian Quin 9.21.2017

Last but not certainly not least we have our first place Safety Award Winner, who we are happy to announce is Craig Thibault this month! He helped prevent an MSHA citation by assisting the operator of a haul truck with the proper operation of the emergency steering system when he was unable to activate it. Way to go Buzzy!

CORE Award:
The CORE award is team or project-based award and the trophy is actually made in house with cores of HMA and aggregate from our QC lab to further reinforce the commitment to our business, how cool!

For their safety performance on the Weston Toll Plaza Project, our CORE award was awarded to Fernando Estrela and Ed Peterson! They were responsible for mobilizing equipment and crews across a 6 lane highway with multiple ramps and many obstacles and did so successfully and incident free over 45 shifts.
CORE Award Photo 1

Fernando and Ed CORE Award 9.21.2017

We are thankful for all our Safety and CORE Award Winners and all P. J. Keating employees who put safety first. Congratulations to all and lets hope for another safe month in this upcoming October.

September All Out Day

Yesterday, September 21, 2017 was our monthly All-Out Day!

If you’re not familiar with P. J. Keating’s All-Out Day, let us introduce you to this great event we hold every month.

It’s everyone’s favorite day of the month here at P. J. Keating and for good reason! It’s very important to us that staff in the office stay connected and updated with our workers and crews throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. All-Out Day provides a great opportunity for our employees to get out of the office, into the field and see the process and progress of our crew’s work. It’s a fantastic way to develop good communication and relationships between all P. J. Keating employees as well as help bridge the gap between what’s going on in the office and how it relates to what our crews are doing out on the roads. In turn, it gives crews a good look into what goes on in the office and a chance to meet and speak one on one with Safety and Operations Managers, or even the President!

It’s also a great time for us to recognize our Safety Winners of the month with their awards and congratulate them for the great work they’re doing! We’ll bring you details on the winners and their photos in the next post.

This September we have a great bunch of photos to share with you from our All-Out Day teams visiting crews all across Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

All-Out Day, August 23rd 2017

Another All-Out Day!

Yesterday, August 23rd, 2017 we had 14 P. J. Keating employees participate in our monthly All-Out Day. It’s a great opportunity to get out onto the road, into the quarry or on the jobsite to visit with crews and see firsthand the hard work they do! It’s also a time for our teams to get to know the office staff and management, build connections and have chances to discuss and build relationships.

All four of the P. J. Keating plants and quarries were visited along with seven crews working throughout various locations in Massachusetts! Take a look below to see at all the photos taken during All-Out Day.

Scotts Crew 8-23-17

Cranston QC 8-23-17

Cranston Quarry 8-23-17

Acushnet Quarry 8-23-17

Carlos & Tony Crew, Jonathan & Andy 8.23.17

Georges Crew 8-23-17 (2)