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2016 Donation Drive Summary

PJK Donation Drive – Shauna Lowe

I first wanted to start out by saying thank you for all of your support with the charitable donations throughout last year. We understand that it is asking a lot of everyone to make donations or clean out your closets each month. I am sure like myself you are asked to donate to several different charities or fund events throughout the year on top of having your own charities that are near and dear to your hearts that you make donations to or help out in some way. So with that said, thank you for any and all of your donations. Every little penny or item helps out!

Donation Drive Summary:

  • March – Lunenburg – Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry
    • 193 Items
  • March – Acushnet – Shepard’s Pantry
    • 146 Items
  • April – Lunenburg – Why’s Me Sherry’s House (a house that homes the families of children with Cancer)
    • 121 Items
  • April – Acushnet – The Veteran’s Transition Home (a house that homes homeless vets, at risk vets and their families, and provides special services such as life skills, substance abuse help & treatment)
    • 33 Items
  • May – Lunenburg & Acushnet – Global Learning Charter Public School (GLCPS) Grade 5- 12. Our own, Gregg Berkley’s daughter works here and she began this schools FIRST library EVER. Books and items were collected. The items were taken to Savers and they gave them $1/lb.
    • 12 bags of clothes, shoes and small home objects were donated along with $284 dollars monetary donation and several large bins of books
  • June – Lunenburg – Household Goods Recycling of Massachusetts (HGRM) (provides household items to recently homeless, veterans, domestic violence families, disabled, fire victims & minimum wage families)
    • 40 Items
  • June – Acushnet – New Hope (New Hope provides confidential emergency shelters, counseling, supervised visitations, housing stabilization, emergency hotlines, and police/court/support advocates to victims in need)
    • 60 Items
  • July & August – Lunenburg & Acushnet – Forgotten Soldiers Outreach – FSO sends monthly care packages to members of the U.S. Military service containing non-perishable food items, hygiene products, and letters of encouragement to help bring a small piece of home to deployed soldiers in need and remind them that they are not forgotten)
    • 145 Items
  • October – January – Lunenburg & Acushnet – Coats For Kids/Adults
    • 28 Jackets for kids & adults